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Our sale horses

Up until 1996, Shiloh McCue produced only fillies for our ranch.
Right before the foals arrived I threatened Shiloh, saying...
"If you don't produce me a son, I am buying one at the end of the breeding season!"
My daughter told me to be careful what I wished for.
Our whole season went "stud colts."
I finally had to tell Shiloh that it was alright to go back to producing fillies, and he did...

(Shi Felina McCue)
`96 Black B.S. Filly
out of Brown Quarter Mare
Sold to Floodwood, MN
`96 Bay Overo Stud Colt
out of Sorrel B.S. Paint Mare
Sold to New York Mills, MN
`96 Black Overo Stud Colt
out of Black B.S. Paint Mare
Not For Sale
(Kingfisher Beauty)
`96 Black Overo Filly
out of Brown B.S. Paint Mare
Sold to Summit, SD
(Boston Mac McCue)
`96 Black Overo Stud Colt
out of Red Dun Quarter Mare
Lives in Wadena, MN

Please forgive the quality of these photos, which came from my brag book!

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