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Sold Horses
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We have grown to love our adult horses, and it is usually very hard for us to let one go, but certain circumstances force us to do so, most often because we have kept a brother, father, sister or mother, or possibly a son or daughter of the said horse. We certainly hope their new owners enjoy them as much as we have and love them just the same. In 2003 I let go the largest amount of adult horses I have ever done in my life! The reason for this was that my husband needed more help in the field's(haying) and with his back not being able to handle the job as well anymore, it was my duty to get out of the corral's(working with babies and breeding mares) longer, so that I could help out with the rest of the ranch work.

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Paca Reddi Freckles - Nancy was a 1993 cream colored palomino AQHA Mare. We only had her a few short years but when a college student needed a riding mare, we decided to let her go on April 13, 2001, as we weren't using her to her full potential as a riding horse. So, along with her 2001 Buckskin APHA/PtHA breeding stock stud colt, she headed off to Pennsylvania on Easter Weekend, and the day after my birthday. The colt turned into a lovely creamy colored buckskin and we hear it has been shown some. Nancy eventually went on to a New York residence and we know the new owners will just love her! Nancy produced 3 foals by Shiloh McCue. Although they weren't colored, they were very well put together.

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Shi Felina McCue - Felina was a 1996 black breeding stock APHA mare. She was shown only once as a weanling at the MPHA futurity and earned 5 state points in breeding stock halter, against older mares. I really hated giving her up but with a late foal coming in 2002, it would conflict with helping my husband in the fields. Felina produced a beautiful black overo filly for her new owners in Floodwood, Minnesota. In her stay with us, she produced 2 very nice black overo babies by Shiloh McCue. The oldest, a gelding was trained to ride and drive, along with a 7/8 brother.

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Black Magic Spark--Sparky was a 1985 Black Breeding Stock APHA/PtHA Mare. We sold in late March of 2003. She was definitely a baby factory for us and I am sure her new owner went on to retrain her to ride again. I had the luxury of riding her as a 3 or 4 year old. She had a working pedigree with Two Eyed Jack breeding and had produced 13 foals by the time I let her go(several by Shiloh McCue), with an even amount being black or black/white.

Click here for Babe's Pedigree
Shi Bay Bee McCue--Babe was a 1999 Bay Breeding Stock APHA Mare. She was by our Sr. stallion; Shiloh McCue and out of the good mare; HPH Redsonny Straw. Babe had a beautiful disposition which matched her bright, red coat! She was shown only once as a weanling in a CMHIA show, and then retired to the broodmare band. Triples Titan, Sonny Dee Bar, along with McCue and Kingfisher was close-up in her pedigree. She produced 1 bay overo filly for us but due to my commitment to help my husband out in the field, she was regretably sold in late March of 2003 to a couple in Arizona, who will probably go on to ride and/or produce lovely babies out of her. I rode her a handful of times bareback.

Click here for Jackie's Pedigree
Jackies Lil Dream--2000 Red Dun Few Spots POA/Quarter Pony Mare. Jackie stood approx. 12.3 hands. She was given to us by a gal who no longer cared for a wild filly. We found this filly to not be as wild as we were told, just scared and uneducated and in the few days we had owned her that all the haltering, vaccinations we'd given, worming, picking up legs, scratching, petting underneath and messing with mane and tail was taken in stride and for whatever reason was not the wild thing we'd thought she'd be. After getting her in good shape again, she was sold in early May of 2003 to a guy who would train her to ride and hopefully she would make a nice children's pony someday.

Click here for Fanny's Pedigree
Ms Sonny Fantasia--Fanny was a 1988 Sorrel Overo APHA Mare. She was very loud colored, calico marked mare with dark eyes and the biggest hind end you'd ever see!!! She put a shapey head and a beautiful pencil neck on her foals by Shiloh & Prize. This mare's pedigree was based on Champions and there are a lot of them in it!!! Not only was Fanny by a Paint Champion but her bloodlines went back to Sonny Dee Bar(QH), Tee Jay Tommy(QH), Three Bars(TB), Joe Reed(QH), Leo(QH)x2 and many others; too numerous to mention. Fanny produced several 3 foals by Shiloh McCue and 3 foals by Shilosperfectprize. They were bays, bay/white and/or bay roan/white. Fanny was a royally bred mare and I absolutely loved her! She was sold in early May 2003 and produced a very nice bay overo filly for her new owners.

Click here for Sunshine's Pedigree
HPH Redsonny Straw--Sunshine was a 1992 Sorrel Breeding Stock APHA Mare. She was also Overo bred and had some of the newest, up to date greats in her pedigree. A grand-daughter of 4 World Champions and/or Superior Halter Horses, Sunshine was bred in the purple. She produced 7 foals for us, 2 of which were stud colts, the rest fillies and the majority of them were colored. 2 were shown, winning ribbons, etc... This cross produced a Top 10 high selling weanling at a local sale barn. She was a producer of exquisite beauty!!! Her bloodlines went back to Triples Titan(Paint), Red Sonny Miss(Paint), Jules Diamond(QH), Sonny Dee Bar(QH), and Three Bars(TB)x2; just to name a few. We let Sunshine go in mid October 2003. I am sure she will go on to produce some very fantastic babies for her new owners and may eventually be a riding horse again someday.

Click here for Shi Anne's Pedigree
Shi Anne McCue--1992 Black Breeding Stock Paint/Pinto Mare. Shi Anne was an Overo Bred, first born, daughter of Shiloh McCue. Her full sister, Shi Felina McCue was shown and earned ribbons and points with limited showing. Not only did Shi Anne have the famous black overo Kingfisher McCue paint breeding from her sire, but when bred back to her sire she produced over 48 generations of black on her foal. She has produced more than 7 foals by Shiloh McCue, with one being a high selling weanling at a local sale barn. All had that great black color and all were fillies, except her finale foal for us, which was a loud black overo stud colt(I should've kept him for a future stallion). She left the end of July 2005, and has gone on to live in Wisconsin and will forever be one our favorite babies. Her mom is currently a permanant pasture ornament, having produced her share of foals and has earned the right to a lifetime residency at our ranch.

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