The Roggenkamp Homestead
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"Photo taken on September 22, 1992"

The main buildings, such as the barn and house, were built in 1913. Eric was able to purchase this farm in 1982, after his parents retired and moved to town(Bluffton, MN). Eric's father was born and raised here, along with 11 other siblings. His forefather bought this place. Eric has been living here since he was 3 months old. Although most of the buildings are gone, such as the barn, hay loft, corn crib and silo; alot of the remaining buildings have been given a face lift. Eric has been working steadily on this farm and several new additions exist today. The farm house has 4 bedrooms, a spaceous kitchen, attached office(for conducting horse business), a partial basement, full upstairs, deck, also a large music room and various other smaller rooms. The method of heat is wood with fuel oil backup. Eric's Machinery Sales is conducted in the large shop to the south of the house. It has an attached Wash Bay and Sales Office. Rumpkump Ranch's main work area is further south and includes the Maternity Barn, Hay Shed and various other barns for loafing, feeding and raising young. There are also corrals for the horses, a training area, summer and winter pastures with a couple other smaller pastures. Other buildings include a two car garage, two tractor sheds, storage sheds, a smokehouse and an outhouse. Everything, nestled in the perimeters of woods and open pastures, crop ground, a garden, and a beaver pond. The Ranch, with it's 2 businesses fill up an area of approximately 100 acres on a paved county road. Only 7 1/2 miles from Wadena, Minnesota, and 3 1/2 miles from Bluffton, Minnesota. What more could you ask for? The smell of alfalfa, the putt-putt of a John Deere Tractor, and the whinny of a stallion as he calls to his mares...


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