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Tobiano Paint Mares
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Our recent venture was to include "Tobiano" mares into our breeding program, for an all around assortment of patterns. The following mares are all registered with the "American Paint Horse Association." A couple are registered with "Pinto Horse of America".

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Patsy Sue--Black Tobiano Paint Mare. 45% White. Patsy is very correct, with an easy going diposition. We were told that she was very well broke to the bit as a riding horse. We haven't ridden much these last few years, so when we do ride we only walk her around with a lead rope and halter on. She's been helping me log hours towards our local CMHIA riding program. She's not a super tall horse but knowing that I like to jump on bareback, she's just the right height! We have shown her 2003 gelding a couple seasons now. He has always been in the ribbons, at open shows, the fair and even making us some money at a futurity. Tuffernhell breeding, she may even be homozygous for the black gene. $2000.00 Exposed to Black Overo Stud. No return privileges.

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Shi Blue McCue--1993 Black Tobiano Paint Mare. Shi stands close to 15 hands. She is very loud colored with a full blue eye and a partial blue eye. She is broke to ride with a (no leverage)copper mouth snaffle and we have her enrolled in our local CMHIA Riding Program where my daughter had ridden her a few times to log on hours. Due to lack of time, this mare sits and has only been producing babies the last few years, so would need a refresher course in riding. She has produced 4+ linebred foals by her sire; Shiloh McCue with 50% color. She has the fine Peter McCue breeding, plus Painted Robin, Top Deck and Two Eyed Jack bloodlines. She'll make a nice trail mare and an excellent broodmare for those black and whites. $2000.00 exposed to Black Overo Stud. No return privileges.

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Honeysweetenedraisin--1998 Black Tobiano Paint Filly. Pictured here at 3 years old. Her sire is Joeys Wagons West; a Double Gened Black Homozygous Black Tobiano. With her white legs and white over the back, she was a nice change of pace to our past overo bred foals, and although I've raised tobianos off and on prior to 1992; Honey was the one who sparked our interest enough, to get back into tobianos. She's got personality, a heart of gold and we're finding out, she also has a mind, to boot! Tuffernhel, Sonsational Too breeding. Honey will remain a pasture ornament, even if we never get too active in riding her. She is currently NOT FOR SALE!!!

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Crystal Black Magic--1999 Black Tobiano Paint Mare. 45% white. We are anticipating that she's a perfect match for our "Honey" horse as a future teammate,if we ever decide to train them to drive. This mare is out of Patsy Sue, and by the big, black overo stallion; Lakota Skychief. Hotshot Hancock, Tuffernhel breeding. She has produced several colored foals for us by Shilosperfectprize and has been a very nice pasture ornament for us. Therefore, she is NOT FOR SALE!!!

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