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A Tribute to a special Overo Mare
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I was first introduced to the Overo pattern in 1989, when the second mare I owned (a sorrel AQHA) produced a black overo filly. Always loving Overo Paint Horses with their unique designs; ranging from laid on patterns to an assortment of splashiness! Blue eyes, brown eyes, race(face) stripes, bald or aprons, frame, minimal marked, rabicano, sabino, even splashed whites! Owning only a couple Overo mares in my lifetime, I would've never dreamed that when I decided to cut down on my broodmare band in 2003, that would also be the last year I would own an Overo mare.

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Rainbow Bridge Poem
Precious N Fancy--1998 Black Overo Filly. Precious was a lanky, minimal white marked black overo APHA mare with a right blue eye. She was foundation AQHA bred and had the movement of a real loper who would make an excellent pleasure prospect someday. Unfortunately that someday will never come. I believe in my heart that she is now loping across green meadows in a place for our very special 4 legged critters. Pictured here (during one of her growth spirts) at an MPHA show in Wadena, Minnesota, as a yearling. By a big, burly, black overo stallion named; "Cowboy's Dude." Her bloodlines go back to Dual Image, The Invader, Blondies Dude, and Blackburn 41. This filly had a very gentle disposition and a kind eye. Precious won the CN RANCH FUTURITY JACKPOT of $500.00 on Memorial Day (1999), in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and that was just the beginning for her; as she went on to win ribbons and place at every Open/Breed show she was shown at that year. Lack of manpower kept her from being shown after that year, and she had been retired to our broodmare band. On June 18th, 2003, at 5 years and almost another month older, she was to have her first foal - a special foal that I had waited so long for, one that would have halter written all over it from it's mommy and daddy. But after a long struggle with a breech birth baby and the fact that our vet was away, I decided the best course of action was to lay Precious to rest. So, at 2:30am, on a Wednesday morning, my Precious overo mare, closed her eyes forever. She is gone, but not forgotten. Because of her, I have decided that she should be my last Overo mare.

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