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Quarter Horse Mares
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Since Quarter Horse blood has been a great influence on the American Paint Horse breed, it would seem fitting that my program include a few of them. These following mares were registered with the American Quarter Horse Association and either produced paints, quarters, or both.

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Light Diamon San--1986 Black Quarter Mare. Sandy has been an outstanding herd leader and producer. She was my first mare, purchased in 1987 as a 2 year old. During her foaling career, she produced about 50% color, half blacks and half, a black/bay or by APHA's standard color; brown. All but one were sired by Shiloh McCue. For the longest time we kept 2 foals for broodmares--Shi Anne McCue and Shi Felina McCue, and had shown Shi Felina McCue(earning points with limited showing). They are now sold and Sandy has been retired from our breeding program to enjoy the sun and her best friend; Prize. Sandy is Foundation Bred: Depth Charge(TB), Poco Dell(QH), King(QH), Windchester(QH), and Leo(QH)x2 bred. Her colts by Shiloh McCue carry 28+ generations of black. She is our pasture ornament and isn't for sale.

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