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Breeding Stock Paint Mares
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Even though they are spotted on the inside, some feel that Breeding Stock Paints are not worth the bother in ultilizing for future paint horse breeding. We feel they are a definite asset to our broodmare band and couldn't live without them!!! The mares you see below are all "Overo" bred and are registered with the "American Paint Horse Association." Some may even be registered with "The Pinto Horse Association of America."

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Nela McCue--1992 Black Breeding Stock Paint/Pinto Mare. Nela(pronounced as Knee Lah) is a jet black half sister to our stallion; Shiloh McCue. She is also the mother of our junior stallion; Shilosperfectprize(Prize--Grand Champion Halter and MPHA Hi-Point Halter). Nela has produced 8+ black foals by Shiloh McCue with 1/2 being loud colored. She has also produced a Top 6 high selling weanling at our local sale barn. This mare is Overo Bred. She has some of the finest black and white overo genes in the world; Kingfisher McCue, Buck McCue Jr,. Buck McCue and Kingfisher. Her dam is Foundation Bred(we had her too, up until 1999, when she became too lame, due to old age); Top Deck(TB), Yucca King(QH), King(QH), and Three Bars(TB)x2. This mare is possibly homozygous for the Black Gene. Her foals by Shiloh McCue carry over 32 generations of black. Linebreeding at it's finest!!! Has blemish on one hind leg. Being offered for sale for $900.00, and has been exposed to Shiloh McCue with no return privileges.

Click here for Kitten's Pedigree
Kingfishers Kitten--1994 Black Breeding Stock Paint Mare. Kitten is a lanky, black daughter by the late, great, Kingfisher McCue. She is a full sister to Nela McCue, and also Overo bred. She is an auntie to our junior stallion; Shilosperfectprize(Grand Champion Halter and MPHA Hi-Point Halter), and on the same bloodline as 2x World Champion(Perserverance), and Superior Halter Horse(The Rite Chance). An asset to any Black Overo Breeding Program and has already produced 5+ foals for us; all with that gorgeous black color. Her 2001 filly won us a nice, heavy duty winter foal blanket in a local drawing. Kitten is currently not for sale.

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Finally Special--1997 Black Breeding Stock Paint Mare. Toots is by Loco Cavijo McCue; a very loud, handsome, black overo paint stallion, who is linebred the same way as our senior stallion; Shiloh McCue. Her dam's pedigree goes back to Special Effort; the only Quarter Horse in history to win the Triple Crown as a 2 year old! This filly not only has Show Potential but was also bred to fly!!! She has had three beautiful, black overo fillies for us and a very nice black overo stud colt. I'll bet she'll have more! Has blemishes on hind legs. Toots is currently not for sale. I doubt she ever will be.

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