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Majestic Shi McCue

This Dun/Solid Stud Colt out of Impressive Miss Ogie and by Shiloh McCue started out being a light grey color and at 4 months old when he was completely shed off, you could tell that he was buckskin gold on his face and britches, and high on his legs. As far as a dorsal stripe goes, he never had one. Only thing he had was tons of black running throughout his gold color. I have not seen this colt since he was 5 months old, but am assuming that he has lightened as his older Dun Overo sister did. As you can see from the earlier newborn photo that he had what appeared to be a white area on his ribline. When he shed off you could tell that the light grey, almost white turned to a black/buckskin color. APHA first registered him as a black/solid. I had to correct his papers. This is a very hard color to get registered. We have had to do it a few times and each time, we have had to send in more paperwork. It's alittle harder to see the exact coloring from photos.

Pals Foal's

Buckskin Overo Filly:
Dun Overo Filly:
Buckskin Overo Stud Colt:

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