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Silvertone McCue

This was Impressive Miss Ogie's very first foal with this funny color at birth. I thought she was a dark buckskin until she started shedding off. This color was real easy to decipher from the white spots. At 3 months old, this filly was still grey or blue roan colored and the APHA wanted to register her as a grey. She was registered later(after she shed off) as a Dun Overo. The APHA stated that this filly was way too dark to be classified as a buckskin, even though she doesn't have the dorsal stripe. As you can see, she changed color from 2 1/2 months(top photo), 4 months(bottom photo) and a yearling(middle photo). She has lightened with age.

Pal's Foals

Buckskin Overo Filly:
Dun Stud Colt:
Buckskin Overo Stud Colt:

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