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Impressive Miss Ogie

She is a cream colored Palomino. Sometimes, when shedding off in the spring, you'll think she's going to be golden, but during the shedding off process, sometimes she'll get dark dapples that will fool you. Eventually she'll go right back to her light cream coloring. In the winter, she appears to be a dirty white or off white color. She has produced bay, buckskin and dun. Sometimes it's hard to see the white spots on her foals(buckskins and duns), even if you wet down their bodies.

Iza Miz Qtee

This filly was born almost a light greyish, white color. It wasn't until she was close to 3 months old and starting to shed out that you could actually wet her down to take her picture. When she was close to 5 1/2 months old you could see that she was a creamy buckskin color.

Other Foals by Pal

Dun Overo Filly:
Dun Stud Colt:
Buckskin Overo Stud Colt: