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Best Wishes To Each And Every One Of You & We Hope You Have A Safe Holiday Season!!!

(David in the field)
David pitched in with cutting hay this year
after Dad's back was hurting real bad.
What a big help he was!!!
(Trina on the Crow Wing River)
Trina's first time tubing, and...
and what a blast she had!
She even walked away with a slight tan.
(Trina & Her Fair Entries)
Trina's first year at the fair, and...
A last minute decision
She's glad she did!!!
(Trina w/our first apple picked)
After several years of waiting,
our apple trees finally produced,
4 huge apples, one for each of us!!!
(David & Tornado Motion Lamp)
The Particle Accelerator
David's been asking for.(giggles - well not quite)
Now everyone in the family wants one.

What a busy year for David and Trina! David turned 18 this fall and mom finally let him get his driving permit(which mom now has gray hair because of it). He's still computer crazy and an "A Student" in the PC Repair program that he's been enrolled in since last year. Trina has been enjoying herself too. She did quite a few things she's never done; like tubing, going to theatre camp, and participating in the fair-which she says she's going to try alot harder at next summer, and enter more projects. She has also taken over David's care of the family's 4 cats and talks of when David moves out. She has even said she want's his room and his bed. Not asking for much, is she?!?!?

(Kim's Fair Entries)
Kim's first year w/fair projects.
Everything brought a 1st Place
Blueberry Jelly, Chokecherry Jam & Peanut Brittle
(Leader Parade)
What a spectacular parade!
After the 911 incident,
we can appreciate our nation's colors and God Bless America!
(Pig Races In Leader)
It's amazing to see, little piggy's trying to outrun each other
Why you ask?
Because they get donuts at the finish line!
(Jamie Lee Curtis of ShowBiz)
Born in the Garden Room of ShowBiz Shih Tzu,
located in Fort Worth, Texas,
Jamie Lee has been spoiled since birth...
(Shi Felina McCue w/Black Overo Filly)
Isn't that the way it goes?
Sell a mare you think will have a solid stud colt
Only to hear she has a fabulous filly instead!

What a hectic year at the ranch, but still plenty of time for R&R. Our new vet has proven to be a great move for us at the ranch. She is so-o-o good with the horses, and very easy to talk to! God must've been looking down at us as West Nile totally slipped by our place but hit several horses at neighboring farms(and we're the ones who live in the swamp-misquito heaven). This will give us plenty of time to plan our vaccination program next year. Kim got in some tubing(after 20 years), 4-wheeling(first time) and horse-back riding(to chalk up towards 3 riding programs). After hearing at the last minute that our local fair did not have weanling classes(wouldn't you know, had one ready too), she entered 3 projects at the local fair and won first place on each one. Funny how it worked out that she just happened to be making jam & jelly a week earlier, after not doing so for close to 10 years. In September we were blessed with Jamie Lee, a beautiful 11 week old Shih Tzu female puppy from Texas. After several hours of sitting on the first officer's lap and looking out the window of the plane's cockpit(spoiled little gal got to ride with the captain and was nicknamed Amelia the flying shih tzu), she was hand delivered to us from the Cargo room at the Northwest Airport in Minneapolis/St. Paul. She even received her very own 1st Flight Certificate w/Wings and a very nice navy blue "Northwest Airline" receiving blanket. While waiting for the puppy to arrive, Kim took a spin over to the Mall of America and nearly got lost looking for a place to eat in it's huge interior. Horse sales have been down, just like everything else. We did sell some foals in Benson and were able to sell a couple over the internet - with this year's favorite black stud colt leaving in mid-December for Arkansas. Oh yeah, if you haven't done so before, please check us out... RUMPKUMP RANCH

(Eric playing the Button Box Accordion)
Eric helped entertain friends and family
at Bluffton's 100 Year Anniversary
I think everyone from town was there.
(Eric & The Hay Train)
Seems like Eric was always putting up hay
and what you see is just a little bit
of the end product.
(Gordon Dupre)
Eric judged a Fiddler's Contest.
Everyone showed up
even a brother of a close friend.
(Playing at Perham Fair)
Eric and another band buddy
played during the Perham Fair
The Nursing Home even drove residents in to listen
(Eric w/our Neighbors; Roger & Marge)
Eric coordinated a Cancer Benefit
for our close friend & neighbor; Roger.
Alot of people helped and it was a Huge Success!
(Eric & Kim at CMHB Meeting)
Eric's first Central Minnesota Horse Breeder's meeting.
Now the other Horse Breeder's can put a face to a name
when Kim sells colts every fall.
(No Snow In December???)
By Mid-December we were worried we'd get no snow
and shown here is Eric doing last minute touch-ups on the leaves.
Don't worry, we had plenty of snow come down in time for Christmas!
Eric kept pretty busy this year. Not only with farming(although it would seem that's all he did), he rebuilt a lot of diesel injection pumps(more-so than ever before) in the shop and helped friends out. He was able to get some fishing time in at the lake and was a big help when their rec building went up. He also announced for the tractor pull again at Otterfest, played music and sang at several nursing homes and also entertained with relatives at the annual Community Thanksgiving Benefit.
Stop by Eric's site at Not only is there tractors and farm related machinery there, but you'll see he now has his band schedule posted.

Well, that's all for now. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Christmas season and a very Happy New Year.
Those who can make it to The Pine Cove Inn, just outside of Wadena, MN, Eric's Dance Band will be there to celebrate the bringing in of the New Year on New Year's Eve from 8:15pm to 12:15pm.