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We hope you all have a safe, warm holiday season!

(Trina on June 26)
Picking mustard is the pits
when misquitos bite
so we ended up giving up the task
(Laura Ingalls Wilder)
Part of Minnesota's History
includes folks depicted on the T.V show;
Little House on the Prairie
(DNR Presentation)
This DNR Officer is also a homeschool father
He doesn't live too far away from us,
Our homeschool group learned alot from him in September
(Maplewood State Park)
On September 30th, we took our first trip
to this park before the killing frost the next weekend.
We were lucky to see the leaves before they dropped
(David on Computer)
If there's something that needs fixing on a computer
Far be it for David to pass up the opportunity
He'll most likely have it up and running in no time

David and Trina are doing quite well with their studies and even did schoolwork last summer. David is taking a college course in PC Repair and has fixed several computers for friends and family. Trina has expressed an interest in nursing and/or writing and can't wait til she can take a college course herself. She conducted an online children's horse coloring contest this Christmas and the prizes have already been sent off. Both children have been involved with Operation Christmas Child and several homeschool events, plus worked on their Minnesota History Folders - which are getting very thick (we'll convert them from 3 ring binders into bound books when they are finished).

(July 14th & 15th)
Kim's 20 year class reunion
Kim is pictured in front row
with shorts, pink shirt and long, dark hair
(Just a few of Kim's winnings)
Whether at the fair, the feed store, via the net, or
based on a photo of one of our colts
Kim walked away with a dozen prizes for the year
(Our 100 Gallon Aquarium)
After years of Koi & other goldfish
we switched over to tropical fish, snails,
and even found a baby turtle that's becoming quite tame
(Sparkle and Lacey)
Shilohs Black Sparkle and Lacey Diamond McCue
left in late October
Shown here at new home in Murphy, North Carolina
(Freedom Shi McCue)
Freedom(left) was born on July 4th
and was the last of our foals born.
Pictured here with her colorful new friend; Spirit(a stud colt)

There was a drastic change in management operations this year. Although we hope to keep our farrier forever, we changed vets, feed stores, and the sale barn which ended up being a very wise decision for our ranch. We sold 5 horses(a mare, stud colt, & 3 fillies) over the internet for the first time, to places such as PA, NC, and wouldn't you know it - the last one went only 3 miles down the road to Wadena, MN. We were also given a wild, yearling POA pony, which we've only had 1-1/2 months, and she's turning out to be a real sweetheart! We are expecting approx. 11 - 13 foals next year and with much prodding, we have reopened the breeding shed doors to our sr. stallion and signed him into the Breeder's Trust too, plus signed up a couple of our horses into various riding programs. Guess it's time to get back into some serious riding. Oh yeah, before I forget... RUMPKUMP RANCH, now has its own domain name at

(Eric & his John Deere Cake)
Eric had fun at the River Inn
What a memorial event
celebrating his 40th birthday
(Hay Time)
With the help of Eric's brother this summer
they put up some real nice, good quality,
alfalfa/grass hay for the horses
(Eric and Trina)
Eric's 1st fair ride
in about 20 years
July 19, 2001
(Beach Party on July 22nd)
Everyone enjoyed the Vagabonds
at the Wegscheid Beach House
and want to make it an annual event
(Eric & The Singing Grandmas)
Eric played several instruments
at the High School Commons
for the Thanksgiving Dinner
(Dave's Benefit - David & Carol)
Eric's band friend; Dave Meyer
has had cancer twice now.
Great food and dance enjoyed by all
(Otterfest on August 11th)
This is Eric's 2nd year of announcing
for the tractor pulls in Ottertail, MN,
They just keep calling him back
Eric turned the big "4-0" this year and was always on the go, just like the rest of us. His new band was quite a success, entertaining all around the area. He was involved in a jam session for a beach party at the lake, and also played for the Thanksgiving Dinner at the High School Commons, plus he got together a Benefit & Dance for one of the band members of the Vagabonds, a band he still entertains with. Besides all of that, he still maintains the farm and shop, plus he was still able to stop and smell the roses on a few rare occasions. He was able to make it to the lake this year but, wouldn't you know it, only fished one time.
Stop by Eric's site at There's more than just tractor/machinery stuff there.

(Santa - the other days of the year)
Last of all; we got to see Santa at the tractor pulls
He's a common sight there...
Naw... He's just our very good friend; Bill Christianson!

Well, that's all for now. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Christmas season and a very Happy New Year.
Those who can make it to The Pine Cove Inn, just outside of Wadena, MN, Eric's Dance Band will be there to celebrate the bringing in of the New Year on New Year's Eve from 8:15pm to 12:15pm.