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The rules and regulations of this site are simple:

1.  Please use this site in a manner that is pleasing to "Our Heavenly Father".
Please refrain from "Swearing", "Name Calling", and any sort of "Flaming"
when writing in the guestbook. Any person/s who cannot
respect this site in a respectable manner, will be blocked from
participating in site activities. 2. Blue Ribbon Academy(trademark pending)is open to any child and/or
parent interested in meeting homeschoolers and their families.
Although it is recommended that all who participate on this site be
from a homeschool environment, it is not a requirement. 3. Membership to become a classroom student and/or a teacher is free
on this site for all who are interested.
We appreciate and encourage the correspondance from different areas. 4. The Penpal page is for those who seek correspondance by email or by
snail mail(letters) with other homeschoolers. You are free to list
your name, even if you are not homeschooled.
We are not to be held responsible for any problems that may arise from
posting names to the Penpal page, so please use extreme
caution when sending information.
So, if interested, please list;

A) First & Last Name B) Age C) Birthdate (the birthdate is only for my records so that I can change the age, from year to year on the site, but won't be posted. D) Full Address, including Zip Code E) Public or Homeschool Name F) Homeschooled or Not? G) Email address and email or snail mail to: BLUE RIBBON ACADEMY attn: Penpals 61448 Cty. Hwy. #76 Bluffton, Minnesota 56518-9755 ***PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR ANY UPDATES!!!***