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This Penpal page is for those who seek correspondance by email. You are free to list your name, even if you are not homeschooled. We are not to be held responsible for any problems that may arise from posting names to the Penpal page, so please use extreme caution when sending information.

If interested, please list;

A) First & Last Name
B) Birthdate
C) Public or Homeschool Name
D) Homeschooled or Not?
E) Email address

and email or snail mail to:
Blue Ribbon Academy
attn: Penpals
61448 Cty. Hwy. #76
Bluffton, MN 56518-9755

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Homeschooled Penpals


Trina Roggenkamp (age 14)
Blue Ribbon Academy

Roberta Fisher (age 15)
Fisher's Christian Homeschool

****BOYS**** David Roggenkamp (age 16) Blue Ribbon Academy ****TEACHERS**** Kim Roggenkamp Blue Ribbon Academy

Other Penpals

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